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Bible Study Outlines.  Sermon Outlines.  Poplular books in outline form for easier study.  A guide has been provided of how long the series was taught/preached by Pastor Wes.   Studies and guides have also been provided by former Pastors and educators with credit given to each. All of these are provided at no cost to provide prepared Bible study tools.  
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Holy Spirit
  1. Harmony of the Gospels
    Harmony of the Gospels
    A great tool provided by Colonel 'Bud' Wood. A comprehensive harmony of the gospels.
  2. Music Standards
    Music Standards
    A 3 week Sunday evening Bible study on the music standards for our church.
  3. Bible Timeline
    Bible Timeline
    Answers in Genesis has provided this great tool for putting Bible accounts in perspective on this Timeline.
  4.    Being a Witness
    Being a Witness
What the Bible says about being an effective witness for Jesus Christ.  A 4-week study.
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Heading 2

New Sermons

Pastor Wes preached this extended series during the fall of 2017 and into early 2018.  Jesus is,,, The Good Shepherd, The Way, Truth and Life, Emmanuel, The Author and Finisher, Compassionate, and many more.  12 messages in all and you can download them here: 
The theme for the Cedar Hill Baptist Church of Dillsburg is: Set my soul afire.  There is a theme of personal revival for 2018 and here two of Pastor Wes's messages on the subject. 
pdf - Jesus is
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Set soul afire
My name is Pastor Wes
I am the Pastor of the Cedar Hill Baptist Church in Dillsburg, PA.  After more than a dozen years of pastoring I have prepared hundreds of Bible studies and lessons.  This website is an avenue to make them available to others that may have an interest in using them. 

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